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“Thought-Forms, Disembodied Souls & Spirit Entities


From May. 15th to the 19th, 2024.

Irvine, CA 


New Book

“The Jade Mirror of Lingbao Daoist Magic (Book #3) ”

The following presentation is the third installment of the ancient “Jade Mirror of Numinous Treasure” (Lingbao Yujian) Daoist teachings. Included in this last installment are the translations and esoteric commentaries surrounding Volumes 29 – 43 of the original 43 Volume text.

In this final book, are many fascinating magical invocations, ancient talismans, secret ritual staffs, and esoteric seals that were used by the early Lingbao Daoists to summon celestial generals to take command of wandering ghosts and disruptive spirits. Also included in these unique teachings are special transformation of food instructions, and the Yin & Yang, Water, Fire, and Illumination rituals that were originally used by these ancient Daoist priests.

It is my sincere hope that all who read these unique teachings will enjoy this second book, and will greatly benefit from Daoist master Ge Chaofu’s attempt to combine and utilize the ancient mystical teachings and wisdom of the early Shangqing Daoist and Mahayana Buddhist sects...

Kindle Edition

Doctor of Chinese Energetic Medicine


Martial Arts Training

Doctor of Chinese Energetic Medicine Certificate (D.C.E.M.)

Awarded by Bian Hua Gong (The Temple of Change and Transformation) Daoist Temple

An ancient approach of healing the body, mind, and spirit – these classes specifically designed for awakening and training one’s hidden energetic potential.

The seminars are now arranged as stand-alone teaching courses, which can be collectively combined in order to obtain a “Doctor of Chinese Energetic Medicine” certificate from the Bian Hua Gong (Temple of Change & Transformation) Daoist Temple.  

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