“The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist” Course

Taught By Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D., DT.C.M., D.M.Q. (China)

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New Class in Buddhist Mysticism

This certification class will begin in June and continue for 3 years; then, its focus will shift to working with ancient Tibetan Phurba magic, with the center of attention placed on healing and spiritual protection.

Classes will be held in Zoom format on Monday nights, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Dr. Johnson will hold a five-days seminar towards the end of the seminar to help all participating students further embody the training and obtain a much deeper insight into this ancient mystical approach towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

The following Syllabus is based on the first 18 months of the upcoming teaching on esoteric Buddhist mysticism. 

“The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist” Course Syllabus

Course Books

The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist

Finally, a comprehensive manual written on esoteric Buddhist mysticism which actually provides a person with the essential tools required to train and embody these ancient teachings. These special teachings are designed to lead a reader through step-by-step applications, which focus on effectively incorporating ancient Buddhist mystical practices into a person’s daily life.

Originally written to provide a seeker of truth with a powerful energetic approach to self-discovery and spiritual transformation, may this unveiled information be used to radiantly awaken your body, mind, and spirit, and provide you with a way to discover - hidden within these ancient teachings - a brand new way of appreciating who you are, and the great value of your life…

Digital Book

The Buddhist Mystic's Tools & Rituals

This second book is a companion to my first book, "The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist," and contains many of the secret teachings, tools, and rituals that were used in ancient times by different Buddhist mystics.

Many of these esoteric teachings came from my personal journals and were obtained from years of training with different Buddhist masters. As much of this information originates from the Northern Treasures tradition, and is specifically associated with the famous Tibetan mystic Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche) and his personal energetic practices, to date, I have only passed this information down to my most trusted disciples.

The combined 50 chapters (i.e., the 28 chapters of "The Mystical Teachings of the Buddhist" - and the 22 chapters of “The Buddhist Mystic’s Tools & Rituals”) complete the 3-year Buddhist Lama certification course teachings currently being offered to the public by Professor Johnson.

However, on August 31st, 2022, the Buddhist course will be formally closed to the public, and Dr. Johnson will no longer accept apprentice candidates for this teaching.

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August 31st, 2022!

Classes are every Monday at 6 pm PST

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